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Space Industry Directory

Explore our space science, earth observation & space exploration projects
Amaya Space

Amaya Space is a nanosatellite-focused space manufacturing and services company, commercialising innovative nanosatellite communications solutions as well as complete missions developed at CPUT over the past 10 years. Future constellations will merge its technological capability in software-defined radio based reconfigurable platforms with powerful data analytics to deliver bespoke satellite services to emerging African markets.

Astrofica Technologies

Astrofica Technologies Pty (Ltd) provides space engineering solutions in system integration, telecommunications, renewable energy and transportation. Through 20 years of combined experience in satellite and related engineering industries, we help realise technologically advanced systems whilst creating long-term value.

Cape Peninsula University of Technology

CPUT provides human capacity development in satellite systems engineering and technology at graduate and postgraduate levels for the South African space industry. The Programme is supported by the DST, NRF and SANSA and hosted by the French South African Institute of Technology (F’SATI). Using the CubeSat platform to provide hands-on skills development to our students, graduates are employed as engineers-in-training in high-tech labs. In 2013, CPUT established the Africa Space Innovation Centre, an innovation hub where nanosatellite communications systems are developed for the international industry. The group has developed and launchedAfrica’s first two nanosatellites, ZACUBE-1 and ZACUBE-2.


CubeSpace is an aerospace company that specializes in small satellite Attitude Determination and Control Systems (ADCS). We offer modular, low-power ADCS components with class-leading performance, compatible with almost all commercially available CubeSat suppliers. Our service is personalized, and we strive to help each customer find the balance between powerful ADCS performance, and simple and robust operations.

Our key partners, who have formed a fundamental part of our roots, are Stellenbosch University (SU), Innovus and the LaunchLab. Part of our mission is to give back to SU by stimulating the space industry in South Africa and by providing job opportunities for young engineers in a high-technology environment like the satellite industry.

DeltaV Aerospace

We provide propulsion, aerospace, systems, test engineering and programme management services with a focus on service excellence. We strive to be recognized globally as the prime partner in the development, delivery and management of superior aeronautical engineering and design solutions.

Denel Spaceteq

We design, develop and manufacture satellites, satellite sub-systems and components, as well as mission control systems. We also integrate space systems with other ground-based systems to offer integrated solutions to our clients.

NewSpace Systems

NewSpace Systems is a South African, privately-owned advanced manufacturing firm that designs and manufactures a range of components and sub-systems dedicated to the small satellite market.

Particularly strong in the area of Attitude Control Systems, NewSpace ensures high-quality manufacturing, test and calibration of its space application components through the use of our ISO 14644-1 certified clean-room facility, ESA-certified personnel and flight-approved materials, and through the use of processes such as the rigorous European Space Agency manufacturing standards (ECSS). We manufacture components such as reaction wheels, sun sensors, GPS receivers and antennas, magnetometers, magnetorquer rods, star mapper and CubeSat attitude control solutions, and are currently developing patch antenna solutions suitable for S-Band receive and S-Band transmit requirements and a novel stellar gyro product. NewSpace Systems also supplies propulsion systems and ground station solutions manufactured elsewhere.

The Enceladus Group
Group Six Investments

Group Six Investments provides engineering solutions for high-technology infrastructure development. The company boasts skills in programme and project management, government relations and regulatory affairs, satellite mission programs, ground station developments, and human capital development.

Luvhone Engineering and Consulting Partners

Luvhone Engineering and Consulting Partners (Pty) Limited offers engineering services and ICT solutions in space engineering; satellite and terrestrial broadcast technology; technology for air traffic management, airport safety and smart security; consulting in operations management, technology management, and R&D; IP WAN/LAN network infrastructure and services; business software applications and solutions; and business process innovation, enterprise system architecture review and assessments.

SCS Aerospace Group

SCS Aerospace Group provides commercial satellite solutions including advanced engineering services, decision-making and operational solutions using space and related technologies.

Simera Group

The Simera Group is a design-focused group of companies specializing in engineering consultation and product development. We possess and mobilise decades of collective experience among our team members, skilled in the aerospace, precision optical, automotive, medical and consumer domains.

UCT SpaceLab

SpaceLabpromotes multidisciplinary education and research in space science and technology at the University of Cape Town. It promotes novel space technologies and trains graduate students to strengthen the South African and African skills base in the space technology sector. Housed in the Department of Electrical Engineering in the Faculty of Engineering and the Built Environment at UCT, SpaceLab partners with local and international academic and public and private sector initiatives to realise its aims.