Participants in the South African Pavilion at IAC2023 hosted by SANSA.

SANSA hosts South African Space Pavilion at International Astronautical Congress with pride

SANSA is hosting the South African Space Pavilion at the International Astronautical
Congress (IAC) 2023 in Baku, Azerbaijan, with pride. The IAC is an annual global event that convenes representatives from the space sector,
including space agencies, the space industry, academia, government, and other various
industry stakeholders.

The South African Space Pavilion serves as a platform for showcasing the South African
space sector at the most significant space event of the year. The exhibition pavilion hosts
nine space companies from the upstream, midstream, and downstream sectors, including
New Space Systems, CubeCom, CubeSpace, Simera Sense, Dragonfly Aerospace, HMES,
Pinkmatter, SCS Space, and ZASpace.

With thousands of participants from around the world, the IAC provides an excellent
opportunity to establish crucial business connections and enables the South African Space
Industry to enhance its offerings to the international space community.
Additionally, the IAC offers SANSA the chance to strengthen and expand its bilateral
relationships with other space agencies and institutions. Partnerships are essential in the
space sector and create new collaborative opportunities for the South African Space sector,
particularly in areas such as research and development, technology and innovation, skills
development, and skills exchange, thus leaving a lasting impact.

Humbulani Mudau, CEO of SANSA emphasises that, “Participation in the IAC brings forth
opportunities that will benefit not only the South African space industry and academia but
also the general public in addressing socio-economic challenges through the utilisation of
space applications to solve societal issues.” He looks forward to establishing new
partnerships and strengthening existing ones at this year's IAC for the betterment of all
South Africans.

Visitors to the IAC can find the South African Space Pavilion at booth #404, where they can
engage with SANSA and its industry partners.

Participants in the South African Pavilion at IAC2023 hosted by SANSA.

Daleen Fouche