What’s coming up at SANSA?


SANSA Space Talk
Jupiter Icy Moons
with Dr Nickolay Ivchenko
Royal Institute of Technology KTH, Stockholm, Sweden
This public talk will discuss recent findings about Jupiter’s fascinating moons. Three of the Galilean moons have ice surfaces, and are thought to harbour liquid water oceans. Hear more about what we have uncovered by studying auroral emissions coming from thin atmospheres of these moons.
Date: 7 May 2019
Time: 18:00 – 19:00
Venue: SANSA Hermanus
Speaker: Dr Nickolay Ivchenko
Royal Institute of Technology KTH
Stockholm, Sweden

SAAO Public Talk
Sprites in South Africa with Prof Mike Kosch, SANSA Chief Scientist
SANSA made the first sprite observations in 2016 from Sutherland and have since recorded over 500 events up to 900 km away. Triggered by lightning, sprites are optical gas discharges which occur between the top of thunderstorms and space.  This talk will take you on a journey of discovery as we uncover the mysteries of sprites.  Prof Kosch will present recent findings and rare footage of sprites recorded from space and from the ground in South Africa.
Date: 23 May 2019
Time: 11:00 – 12:00
Venue: SAAO Cape Town

International GPS Scintillation Conference

Keep an eye on our website for more information.
Date: 15 – 18 July
Time: TBD
Venue: TBD 

SANSA Open Day

Join the Space Agency for a day of space fun for the whole family.
Date: 3 Aug 2019
Venue: SANSA Hermanus

Space for National Development
Date: TBC June 2019
SANSA is proud to bring the informative and engaging ‘Space for National Development’ to the national space stakeholders to a venue in  Gauteng. Date to be confirmed in June and details will be made available soon.

Keep an eye on our website for more information.

Space Ops 2020 conference
Date: 18 – 22 May 2020
16th International Conference on Space Operations.

SANSA is proud to bring the International Space Operations 2020 conference to Cape Town, South Africa for the first time on the African continent. The conference will bring over 600 space specialists from around the world to the Mother City for almost a week of research conversations, networking and deal-making.

Venue: Cape Town International Conference Centre

Vaneshree Maharaj