The 2014 Human Settlements Layer for South African Cities is now available

SANSA recently developed a 2014 city human settlement layer using 2014 SPOT 5 imagery (the latest available SPOT 5 imagery). This layer shows human settlement development in 2014 around selected cities. The areas covered in this layer are Gauteng province, Kimberly, Bloemfontein, East London, Cape Town, and Rustenburg.  The picture below shows 2014 human settlement development around Gauteng.

Figure 1: 2014 Gauteng Human Settlements Layer

This product is a result of the development of a system that automatically detects human settlement data; a collaboration between and with JRC. A 2012 national human settlement was developed using this system

To access the data on ftp site kindly email: and for any technical enquiry.

Vaneshree Maharaj