Developing global exposure to satellite and Earth observation technologies

Thuli Wistebaar recently attended a satellite application technology training workshop offered by CAST Shenzhou Institute (CSI) in Beijing.

The duration of the training was from 9 to 27 July and involved 22 participants from across Africa, including: Algeria, Azerbaijan, Egypt, Ethiopia, Congo, Cambodia, Mali, Mongolia, Mozambique, Sudan, Turkmenistan and South Africa. The training was divided into three components: i.e. satellite project essential knowledge, satellite application technology and on site-visits.

The site visits took place at Dong Fang Hong Satellite company Co, Ltd, CAST ground station in Yun Gang, China Satellite Communications Co, Ltd ground station; National Satellite Ocean application Service Centre, National Satellite Meteorological Services Centre and the National Centre for Space Weather, The National Disaster Reduction Centre of China (NDRCC) , National Administration of Surveying and Geoinformation as well as the Centre for Earth Observation and Digital Earth, Chinese Academy of Science.

Vaneshree Maharaj