NMMU – A Hyperspectral RS Workshop

Dr Nicky Knox delivered a week long workshop on the theoretical and practical applications of hyperspectral remote sensing.

The course primarily targeted the Honours level GIS and Remote Sensing students from the NMMU Dept of Geosciences.  These students are currently participating in the remote sensing module of the course, of which this workshop was a component.

In addition to learning about the theory and practical considerations of hyperspectral image and spectral processing, students were also given hands on practical on the operation of their spectroradiometer (Stellar Net EPP 2000C).

The workshop was attended by 14 participants with ten of the participants studying toward honours in Geosciences, two students were MSc students in Geosciences, one student who plans on starting a PhD program in Geology, and the Professor of the department also attended the course.

Vaneshree Maharaj